Monday, March 22, 2004

This is why I love reality TV.

On scripted shows, the characters often learn a valuable lesson and experience some form of personal growth. That's not the case with reality TV. Case in point: Average Joe is a dating show where a beautiful woman must select from a group of guys who are, shall we say, "not attractive in the traditional sense." This season, they brought back the original runner up (i.e. the First Loser) and are letting him choose from a group of women. In a twist, some of the women appearing on the show are being selected by the rejects from the first season.

They showed some footage of the casting, and it had this discussion between two of the guys who were rejected on the first show:

Reject One: "We're looking for girls that are hot."

Reject Two: "We all got cut, and you know how we felt, and I just feel bad looking these girls up and down saying 'you know what honey? you're not pretty enough to come on TV'."

Reject One: "Yeah, well... Life sucks."

This guy learned NOTHING from his experience. He was embarrassed and humiliated on TV, and now he's going to turn around and do the same thing to someone else. Is it nice? No. But it's great TV.

This is Mister P.'s Clip of the Week. (261k QuickTime)

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