Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Feeling Pretty. (pretty nauseous)

One of the biggest arguments I hear in support of gay marriage goes a little something like this: "If two people love eachother, why shouldn't they be allowed to get married? They're not hurting anyone." WRONG! I have the proof.

My friend "Jack" is getting married soon (to a woman, but the logic still works.) This weekend, his step-daughter-to-be is having a birthday party and Jack wants me to come. But it's not just a birthday party. Oh no. It's a... Pretty... Princess... Party...

Yes, a dozen 6-year-olds running around in little fairy costumes putting on make-up and doing eachother's hair. I don't blame Jack for wanting me to be there, and part of me wants to just say "too bad, you got yourself into this mess, you deal with it." But I can't stand the thought of him huddled in the corner, terrified and alone, while the My Pretty Pony soundtrack pounds through his temples. So I HAVE to go, or what kind of friend am I?

If Jack wasn't getting married, I wouldn't have to go to a Pretty Princess Party. But he is, and I do. When people selfishly choose to get married, it can and DOES hurt other people. Maybe all marriages should be outlawed; but at the very least, the "they aren't hurting anybody" argument is hereby nullified. Pretty Princesses indeed.

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