Sunday, January 04, 2004

I'm watching "Angels in America" on HBO. I have no idea what it is about, but I know it's getting a lot of really good buzz. It might be a sports show about the Anaheim Angels, it might be a fantasy about Angels coming down to earth, or maybe "Angels" simply describes some do-gooders in the movie. All I know is that during the credits when they're listing the cast, it says "and James Cromwell". My first reaction was "oh no! The Bishop's back! NOT THE BISHOP!"

I don't know what part he plays, but he better not be wearing a funny hat.

Addendum: I'm 14 minutes into the show, and Mary Louise Parker just came on screen. I didn't recognize her name in the credits, but she's the annoying girl on The West Wing. She just said "People are like planets... you need a thick skin." Ugh. She is stupid in any role.

Addendum Addendum: Wow, I've seen better crap in a Chilli Cook-Off Port-A-Potty. Just plain awful.

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