Monday, December 22, 2003

Worst Christmas Ever

I feel light-headed and queasy as I type this. Something went screwy with my computer's hard drive, and now my computer doesn't work at all. (I'm on a laptop now.) If it's a hardware failure, I may have lost everything. All my photos. My email. Video projects. Website work. Everything. If it's a software problem, the data might be recoverable, but it's extremely unlikely I'll get it in time for Christmas. I was working on a DVD of all the photos of the trip to Rome I took with my mother in October to give her for Christmas: gone. The addresses of friends and relatives to mail the presents I do have: gone. At least 5 Christmas gifts I was working on involved projects on the computer. Three days before Christmas and I have nothing.

So help me, I'll rip the fracking lungs out of the first person who asks "did you back up your data?"

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