Thursday, December 11, 2003

What Kind of Drunk Am I?

People are affected differently by alcohol, but there are several general categories. There is the rowdy drunk, the giggly and the depressed drunks, the sentimental drunk ("I love ya, man") and the life-of-the-party drunk. At the company Christmas party, I figured out where I fit in: I am the Insecure Paranoid drunk. My first clue was after my first drink, and I saw Lisa looking at me funny; I thought she'd be mad or disapprove of my drinking.

My friend was in town on business, and a bunch of us were going to meet her after the party "for drinks". But she managed to crash the party, and around 8:00 (a couple drinks later) I ran into on the balcony. I'm not sure why, but for some reason I was convinced she'd be mad at me. I think my rationale was that would be mad because I didn't wait for her to start drinking, and that was somehow rude. So I repeatedly apologized and made sure she that she wasn't mad at me. And of course, the more I apologized the more stupid I looked, so then I had to apologize for that. says she wasn't mad, but can you really trust people from the east coast?

What kind of drunk are you?

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