Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Reality Indeed

Average Joe was the latest reality-dating-show where a beautiful woman had to narrow down a group of 16 potential suitors. Only this time, instead of GQ models, the men were "average Joes": self-proclaimed geeks, clowns, frat boys. The woman "Melana" turned out to be pretty sweet, and genuinely seemed to get along well with all the losers- I mean contestants.

In a "shocking twist", halfway through the show four Abercrombie & Fitch types were brought into the mix, so now Melana would have to choose either a beauty or an average Joe. The first finalist was Jason, a 26-year-old student/waiter who still lives with his mother and whose IQ was lower than the number of crunches he did every morning. The second was Adam, the average Joe who as it turns out is a very successful Wall Street trader who made Melana laugh and smile every time they were together.

So how does the story end? The heroine looks beyond the outer beauty and sees all the love and goodness on the inside of Adam, and they live happily ever after, right? Wrong. She picks the guy who buys Ultra-Brite from Costco. In the end, financial security, a sense of humor, and purity of heart can't compete with Vidal Sasson Volumizing Conditioner.

Have we learned nothing from Shrek?

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