Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I am so mad...

We're going to see The Matrix: Revolting tonight, the 3rd and thankfully final movie in The Matrix trilogy. My boss' boss decided to do a lunchtime screening of The Matrix Rebloated in our kick-ass conference room today, in preparation for tonight's movie. I just watched Rebloated 2 days ago with Travis so didn't want to see it again. I spent about 30 minutes in there eating my lunch, then left.

We have a pretty good sound system in there, so I can feel the floor rumbling as the movie continues on without me. But I don't understand one thing; are these people actually ENJOYING the movie?! I think some of them are. Don't they understand the suckage?! Travis and I watched it on Monday not to enjoy it, but rather to be reminded how bad it was so we could compare it to number 3.

Every time the floor shakes, I think of my co-workers sitting in there with smiles on their faces and it makes me sick. They need to Free Their Minds.

Career Limiting Behavior

Stay with me on this one... My boss' boss is always amazed at how much thought (or stress) I put into doing normal, everyday activities, such as going to see a movie. In the past, I have set up elaborate plans on how to buy tickets for him, how to wait in line in shifts to get good position when entering the theater, then how to run in and grab the best seats. Then, he just sort of wanders into the theater and takes one of the seats we've saved for him, oblivious to all the work that went into getting him that seat.

This morning, I sent out a set of instructions on how to get good seats for seeing The Matrix Revolting tonight. I was only half-joking. He seemed to enjoy the plan, so he posted it on his blog. Take a look at it here. Go on, I'll wait.

Note what he writes at the bottom: "This is how true geeks plan a trip to the movies." While he was in the conference room watching the end of The Matrix Rebloated, I went over to my boss' office and started ranting:

"Can you believe what Pusateri wrote on his blog?! What does he mean 'this is how true geeks plan a trip to the movies.'?! He doesn't plan anything! WE'RE the ones who do all the planning! He has no right to imply that he's a true geek!" Blah blah blah.

Then my phone beeps. It's him. "Everything OK over there?"

I entered bullet-time, and the camera spun around me as I looked up and turned in slow-motion to see Vice President Mr. Pusateri right down the hall. He wasn't in the conference room as I thought. Instead, he was sitting there listening to me blather on about his geek status.

How is it that I have not been fired? Oh that's right, the photos...

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