Sunday, November 23, 2003


My condo building has an outdoor hot tub. It's kind of neat to sit in it at night and see the city lights and even an occasional star up in the sky. The only problem is that on cold nights like tonight, it can be rough getting out of the water. The secret is to get out quickly, then wrap yourself in a giant cozy towel and dry off fast. You pretty much need to dry off outside because the building has sort of a hotel feel to it, so you can't walk through the halls and elevators dripping wet.

I went down there tonight and hung my towel on the railing. There was a little bit of wind and the towel fell to the ground, landing right in a huge hot-tub-spill-over puddle. The thing was drenched. I wasn't sure what to do; as long as I stayed in the water I was fine, but I knew that as soon as I got out I would be freezing and would have no way to dry myself off. Maybe I could just stay in the pool overnight until the morning sun heated up the air again?

There is a bathroom about 50 feet from the pool so I jumped out, grabbed the VERY heavy water-soaked towel and ran inside. It doesn't sound far, but believe me, it's a long cold run. I spent about 10 minutes drying myself off with paper towels and trying to wring out the towel as best I could.

People tell me I need to try to relax. I do try, but this is what happens.

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