Friday, October 24, 2003

Vroom Vroom

I have my new car!

Something has to go horribly wrong soon, because things worked out too well. First, I called the dealer to find out exactly how much I owed for the car because I didn't want to get hit with any surprises. He gives me the price, and tells me "and that includes your down payment and the $2000 rebate."

Rebate? What rebate?

It seems that when I ordered the car there was some sort of "September Sale-a-thon" going on so I automatically got $2000 back. Then I go to pick up the car, and they tell me I get an addition $300 off. In a stunningly rare case of corporate sympathy, General Motors is giving California buyers rebates to compensate for the newly raised state registration fees. So now I have an extra $2300 which means I can buy a new computer or something, right?

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