Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I Love The 70s/80s; I Hate Mo Rocca

VH1 has two special series "I Love the 80s" and "I Love the 70s" where they spend 1 hour reviewing a single year from a pop-culture perspective. The have B-List celebrities talking about their memories of V shows, movies, songs, clothes, toys... you name it. The best commentators are Hal Sparks (Talk Soup) and Michael Ian Black (Ed). Athough they make fun of a lot of the music and fashion, it's very inclusive- they're laughing at themselves, saying "what were WE thinking?!", not "what were YOU thinking?"

There is one weak spot in the shot, and that's Mo Rocca (The Daily Show). For starters, he isn't even a B-list celebrity: He's a SIDEKICK to a B-List celebrity. He is just so smug and cocky, as if he's trying to be some sort of intellectual historian who managed to rise above all the fashion faux-guffaws of history. His "humor" (if that's what it is) just doesn't fit in with the fun-loving spirit of everyone else. I hate him. Jive turkey.

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