Wednesday, July 02, 2003


What is this object?

A) A promotional give-away from the X-Men movie
B) A targeting scope for a paintball gun
C) A movie theater cup holder

If you guessed C, you're correct. What am I doing with a movie theater cup holder? Funny story.

My Old Friend Travis invited me to see Terminator 3 after work with him and My New Friend Kim. Of course, I started stressing out over what time to get there, how to get good seats, etc. I got in line 90 minutes early and had a pretty good position, but still not ideal. So once they started letting us in I bolted past as many other people as I could and got us some decent seats. My Old Friend Travis thought I was a bit far back, so by the time he and My New Friend Kim came into the theater they took the row in front of mine.

I had to climb over the seat to move up a row. There are good ways to do this, and there are bad ways. When climbing over movie seats, the armrest is a good location to place your foot. As it turns out, the cup holder is not. I stepped on to the cup holder and CRACK! it snapped off under my weight. I collapsed into the next row, and on my way down smashed my forehead on Travis' still-intact cup holder. I stayed on the floor for a few seconds, waiting for the rush of seething pain to come over me. That never happened; instead I had a slow, growing throbbing sensation over my eye.

From My Former Friend Travis' perspective, he saw me fall to the ground and heard a loud snapping noise, and logically thought that I had broken my ankle. He reacts by bursting into laughter.

What is this?

A) An infected mosquito bite
B) A popped zit
C) A movie-theater-cup-holder-induced welt

Travis doesn't understand why I stress out when he invites me to the movies. They're dangerous.

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