Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Car trouble brewing

I'm getting a new car. Really.

I first announced I was getting a new car in 1998, when my current car was "only" 10 years old. But then a friend of mine told me "are you sure you don't want to wait a year until you can buy a 2000 model?" He was so right! I would have hated getting a car that was SOOO last century. (remember, this was back when we thought the new millenium was cool. Boy, were we suckers.)

In 1999 I spent all my money on a condo. Stupid mortgage companies. Then in 2000 I lost a lot of money in the stockmarket burst. Stupid dot-commers. Then in 2001 September 11th depressed me. Stupid terrorists. So year after year I had one excuse after another why I didn't get a new car. Now my car is 15 years old, has no air conditioning, and makes all sorts of strange noises.

I finally started to move forward with getting the car. I picked a model, and yesterday I called a dealer to make an appointment for a test drive. As I was getting my things together to go out for the test drive, I noticed my drivers license has expired (another birthday surprise). No valid license, no test drive. Fortunately I discovered it before I left and not at the dealership.

Off to the DMV.

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