Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I was watching a Bugs Bunny marathon on Cartoon Network, and started wondering how Bugs was able to do all of those amazing feats: dodging bullets, levitating over cliffs, materializing objects out of thin air. I finally figured it out. Bugs Bunny is in The Matrix.

Consider the evidence:
Elmer Fudd is an accomplished hunter, yet when he fires multiple gunshots at Bugs from inches away, he can't hit the wascally wabbit.

When running off a cliff, Wyle E. Coyote will fall but Bugs will stay in the air.

Bugs can paint a tunnel or rabbit hole on a rock and jump inside.

Whenever he needs a dress to disguise himself, or a banana cream pie to throw in someone's face, Bugs has someone in the "real world" (most likely Daffy) download whatever he needs.

Yes, Bugs Bunny is The One. Remember, there is no carrot.

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