Friday, May 02, 2003

Vegas, Part One

I no longer fly to Las Vegas. I drive. Although all airplanes are 600 mph flying death cans, the Burbank-Vegas flight is particularly deadly. For some reason the rising desert air currents meet the winds coming down from the mountains surrounding L.A. to create particularly turbulent flights. After one especially bumpy flight, where I believe we were inverted for a good 20 minutes, I swore off flying to Vegas and started driving instead.

There are some advantages to driving. About 45 minutes before you reach Las Vegas is Primm Nevada, formerly State Line. Essentially a town of two casinos. This is the home of Buffalo Bill's and the world-famous Desperado roller coaster. I had always wanted to ride it, but if you fly into Vegas you don't have a car and it's inconvenient to get out to Primm. Last year, I finally stopped and rode the coaster. It has some of the scariest air-time you'll find anywhere. Very good ride.

I spent some time looking around the casinos in Primm, and had some pizza. Wow. It was by far the best pizza I have tasted west of the Mississippi. Let's face it, California does NOT know how to make a good pizza. But this crust was crispy and the top was oily and dripping all over the plate and there were big air pockets under the cheese. Fantastic.

Last week, I went back to Vegas and decided to stop and get some more of the West Coast's Greatest pizza. But I couldn't find it. It wasn't in Buffalo Bill's, so I assumed the pizza was across the highway at Whiskey Pete's. Nothing. There are more casinos in Jean Nevada, about 15 miles down the road. Was that where I had the pizza? I drove on to Jean and stopped at the Gold Strike casino. Nothing. I went to the Nevada Landing casino. Nothing. Was this sacred pizza place just a mirage? No, that's a different hotel.

I gave up for the night, but 3 days later on the way home I stopped back in Primm. There was a casino I missed: The Primm Valley Resort & Casino. Straight past the slot machines is a small counter with a sign above it that reads "Rosie's Pizzeria". I had my crispy crust and and giant oily cheese bubbles and a large cup of Mountain Dew.

Best Pizza Evar.

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