Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Stop. Go. Stop. Go. Stop. Go.

L.A. is one of those stupid places where they place traffic lights right at the entrance to the freeways. Not just at the bottom of the on-ramp, but at the top as well, sometimes literally 100 feet before you have to merge into 60mph traffic. I don't care how many computer simulations they tried, in the real world these lights do nothing but cause MORE congestion.

Normally on my way to work, there is a backup of about 30 cars that runs from the traffic light at the top of the on-ramp down through 3 intersections. But today, I simply drove through the intersections and right on to the freeway. At the top of the ramp, I saw the traffic light smashed on the ground with the pole in several pieces. I don't know if a truck crashed into it over the weekend or if somebody with a sledgehammer simply got fed up with it, but traffic has never flowed more smoothly.

I will vote for any politician, regardless of political party, if they vow to get rid of the rest of the freeway traffic lights.

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