Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Over 250 teams of four.
In a race against time.
Grueling mental challenges.
Bizarre physical tests.
All while being strapped to one another.
The clock is ticking.
The madness has begun.

A new reality show coming to FOX? Nope, it's how I spent last Wednesday night.

I entered "Minnie's Midnight Madness" at Disneyland with Jamie, Celina, and Kristy. It's a little tough to describe. Basically, they closed down the California Adventure theme park, tied your four teammates together with a single 5-foot rope, and then gave you 2 hours in the park to complete 10 challenges. We had to pitch coins against walls, go fishing for post-it notes, and solve puzzles like this:

"Mickey, Minnie, and Donald went to Disneyland where they parked on the Mickey, Minnie, and Donald levels of the parking lot, bought Mickey, Minnie and Donald toys, and visited the houses of Mickey, Minnie and Donald. If the person who bought the Donald toy didn't first visit the house with the same name as the parking level where the person who visited Minnie's house first parked, who went where when?" Or something like that.

I have new found respect (?) for game-show contestants. It's very easy to sit on your couch and scream at the TV when someone doesn't know the answer to a question or is having trouble solving a puzzle. But when you're up against the clock, it really does get stressful and you can't think straight.

We came in 95th place, which I think is fantastic. Many of the teams there were hard-core veterans who have been doing this for years and have honed their skills. We still had some minor problems figuring out how to sit down in the right order without getting tangled up in the rope.

Oh, and to answer the Big Question everyone has, no, you don't have to stay tied together to use the bathroom.

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