Wednesday, April 30, 2003

I went to a CPR/First Aid class for work yesterday. It amazes me how much the Red Cross has changed over the years. 20 years ago, it was all about saving the victim. Now, it's all about saving your own butt. They talk about Good Samaritan laws, your legal responsibilities, and liability issues for The Company. And probably half of the class time was spent going over how to protect yourself from disease when giving first aid by wearing gloves and not making contact when giving mouth-to-mouth.

All of that is fine and good, but you should know something: when the next plane hits your building, and I need to make a choice between finding some gloves or saving your sorry butt, I'll be fingerpainting with your blood if I have to. So do me a favor and make sure you ain't carrying any little viruses that I don't want.

From the "it's a small world department": one of the women in the in the First Aid video was a college roommate of mine who was training as a firefighter. Kudos to her for sticking with it.

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