Sunday, March 16, 2003

There is a very nice family from India living across the hall from me. I don't know them well, but we do the usual shallow elevator greetings. This morning, the woman came over and told me she was cooking Thai food and had a ton of leftovers, and asked if I would like some for lunch. Trying to be neighborly, I uttered the 5 words I never thought I'd say: "I'd love some Thai food." She returned 5 minutes later with a beautifully prepared plate of something. I recognized the rice, that was about it. I raved about how great it looked and smelled. I tried some of the rice, gave some of the meat to the cat, and then made myself a grilled cheese sandwich.

This was a wonderful gesture on her part. But I fear that this will become a more frequent event. She says she loves to cook, and seemed very excited for me to try her food... What happens if this becomes a regular thing? I can keep up the charade behind my closed door, but what if they ever invite me over for dinner?!

I have to move.

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