Monday, March 17, 2003

I thought I was being clever by thinking that the threat of war with Iraq is like the Yosemite Sam cartoon where Bugs Bunny keeps saying "I dare you to step over this line!...Now that one!...This One!...That One!" I wanted to Blog it, so I did a google search to find a picture of Yosemite Sam. I came across blogger Viking Pundit, who already made the same analogy. He seems much smarter than I am.

So I need a new analogy. I think the upcoming war is like those coin machines in Las Vegas where you drop a dollar in and try to knock all the other coins into the collection bin. But no matter how much money you put in or how far over the edge the coins dangle, they never seem to fall in.

I like the Yosemite Sam analogy better, because eventually he falls off the cliff.

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