Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Shave & a Haircut, two bits (without the shave)

I got a long-overdue haircut Sunday. I put on the special hair-smock, sat down, and the lady started cutting away. Normally I don't think twice about sanitary conditions in a barber shop, but I noticed something really disgusting: they were throwing other people's hair in my lap. I never actually caught them in the act, but every now and then I would look down and there would be a growing pile of grey hair on the smock. I am young; I have long, lustrious dark hair; so clearly that grey hair could NOT be mine.

This place must be owned by the same people that used to do my dry cleaning. I noticed after a while of getting my slacks done, they were getting tighter and tighter until they didn't fit anymore. Obviously, the dry cleaners were shrinking my clothes.

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