Monday, February 17, 2003

Joe Millionaire, part II

So the producers gave Evan (Joe) & Zora a million dollars, making them genuine millionaires (less taxes, natch). This isn't shocking. Two months ago, people were discussing that possibilty but dismissing it as being too obvious. If anything, the producers would have looked cheap if they DIDN'T give out a million dollars. A better way to do it: They should have given Zora one million dollars, and then given her the chance to stick with Evan, or stick it TO Evan.

I don't resent the show for trying the "double twist" by surprising Evan with the million dollars. (Of course, you can surprise Evan by throwing a switch and having the lights go on.) But they overplayed their hand by promoting the life out of the SHOCKING SECRET.

It was not the ending I predicted, but anyone who was genuinely shocked and didn't see this coming is an idiot, even amongst Joe Millionaire viewers. And that's saying a lot.

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