Friday, January 10, 2003

Ugly Naked Guy

My condo complex consists of 2 towers with a recreation area (with free toilet paper) between them. I was cleaning my kitchen windows, looked out to the other building and saw a guy standing in front of his kitchen window. He was standing on a chair or step-ladder, and wasn't wearing a shirt. Or pants. Just a pair of tighty-whiteys. I don't have great eyesight, but I could tell he was more Tom Arnold than Tom Cruise. I'm not sure what he was doing, maybe putting things away in his cabinets.

Of course, you know the dilemma: should you watch? Obviously this is not something you want to see, yet at the same time you just HAVE to know how long he is gonna to stay there. These are big windows. He HAD to know that people could see him, right? Is that what he wanted? Or did it never occur to him that glass is transparent in both directions? And what would happen if he happened to look over and caught me looking back?! Oh, the horror that would be. I did what any normal person would do and lowered my blinds so I could peek through the slats. I couldn't stare for too long at any one time for fear of retina damage, so I would take a quick glance, wash some dishes, then check again. I'd say he was on full display for at least 5 minutes.

Part of me wants to slip a note under his door that says "dude, put on some pants" but I think I'm better off just leaving my blinds down.

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