Tuesday, December 31, 2002

I found something amazing, and you can't possibly understand its significance.

25 years ago, I saw a TV show about a guy with magic powers. When he used his abilities, his pupils would shrink. That was just his thing. Jeannie bobbed her head, Samantha twitched her nose, this guy shrunk his pupils. I don't remember anything else about the show, but for some reason the image of his eye has been burned in my memory for 25 years. I see that pupil in my mind all the time. When I step outside into sunlight it pops in my head. I see it looking in the mirror putting in my contacts. I can't imagine how many thousands of times it has been replayed in my brain over and over and over.

You see where this is headed. Last week I saw a TV special "The Greatest Shows You Never Saw" and it featured clips of some of the worst TV pilots made that never made it to series. One show from 1977 looked particularly stupid. It was called "The Man With The Power". While rescuing a turtle from a railroad track (I'm not making this up), a man gets his foot stuck as a train comes towards him. He discovers he has telekinetic powers and stops the train. The TV special showed clips of him practicing using his new-found powers when all of a sudden they showed...THE EYE! Oh my god! THERE IT IS!

I am still trying to understand the importance of this discovery. What insight does this give me? Why did that image stay with me? Is the eye a window to my soul? Did I feel sympathy for the turtle, for are we not all turtles on the railroad of life? Am I actually an alien with untold powers? The quest has not ended, it has just begun.

If you are feeling brave, you can look at this 80 second summary of THE MAN WITH THE POWER (1.8 MB, .mov). The eye sequence is at the end, complete with cheesey 70s sound effect which often accompanies my flashbacks. If you just want a 10 second glimpse inside my brain, click on the eye above.

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