Friday, December 06, 2002

Choosing a place to live is a huge decision. There are many factors to consider: East coast or West coast? City or Suburb? Mountains or Beach? House or Apartment? Well, I have finally figured out where I want to live someday: I want to live in a Gap commercial. These are some of the happiest people I have ever seen. They put on their comfy sweaters and coordinated over-sized scarfs and they can't help but do dances of joy. I wish I could do a dance of joy.

The problems we're having in the Middle East have nothing to do with oil or land or religion. It's all about sweaters. They don't wear sweaters in Iraq or Afghanistan, or at least not the color-safe cotton blends at savings up to 30% off like we have here. Instead of setting up military bases in the Middle East, we should set up some Gaps. Then truly, people all over the world would join hands, join a love train.

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