Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Oh Dear Godspell

Thank God I didn't see this a year ago.

I was watching the film version of Godspell. It's basically a bunch of hippies running around New York City singing Gospel stories. Since Godspell was released in 1973, I thought it might have some shots from before the Trade Center was even built. By pausing and rewinding, I was able to catch a few glimpses of the buildings.

As it turns out, I didn't need to spend so much time trying to find the World Trade Center. About halfway through the movie, they do an entire song and dance routine on top of the North Tower, which was still under construction. The song? "All for the Best". It's a hyper-kinetic peppy song saying that you don't need to worry about suffering on earth, because there won't be any in Heaven. Some lyrics:

Don't forget that when you get to Heaven you'll be blessed!
Yes, it's all for the.....(all your wrongs will be redressed...)
Yes, it's all for the.....(you must never be distressed....)
Yes, it's all for the.....(someone's got to be oppressed!)
Yes, it's all for the best!!!

Here's a 30 second QuickTime movie of the song: All For The Best

It's amazing how much this scene has been changed by history.

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