Monday, October 14, 2002

I was given this Blog because the other Mister P always says that my mind races twice as fast as normal people and he thought I should write down my typical daily dilemmas. This is probably the kind of entry he was hoping for:

There was a sneak preview of the new movie The Ring this weekend. My New Friend Travis had a copy of the original Japanese version, and he let me borrow it a few weeks ago. Having seen the original, we were all (including his girlfriend Kim) looking forward to seeing the new version.

The movie is only showing in two theaters: The REALLY nice Arclight theater in Hollywood, and the generic AMC 14 in Burbank. Travis told me that he and Kim were going to see it in Hollywood. I had to work Saturday, and as I was finishing up around 5:30 I realized I could also catch the movie. Here's where my brain slips into hyperdrive: If I simply show up at the Arclight, knowing that they are going to be there, then I'll look like a stalker. (Important note: the legal definition of stalking includes the condition "with intent to do harm". So simply following people is not stalking. That's good to know sometimes.)
If I call ahead and tell them I'm going to the Arclight, then I'm inviting myself along on their hot Saturday night date. Not cool, and also rather sad on my part.

So clearly I should go to Burbank.

On my way to the Burbank theater, I call Travis and assume he is already in line in Hollywood to get tickets. Since he loaned me the original tape, I figured he'd be happy to know I was going to see the movie and we could discuss it on Monday. As it turns out, he had some guy doing construction in his condo and they weren't going to make it to the Hollywood show. Brain goes back into hyperdrive. Should I offer to get them tickets?

Here the tables are turned: I am not joining them on THEIR date, but rather they would be joining me on MY date. Of course, I'm alone but I'm good company so that's OK. But there is still a problem: Would they rather wait one week to see the movie in the really nice theater in Hollywood, or see it tonight in the so-so Burbank theater? Will they feel obligated to accept my offer and see it in Burbank, and wind up with a lesser movie experience? I take a chance, offer to pick up tickets for them and they accept.

Now I'm in a bit of a grey area. Who exactly is responsible for the evening's entertainment? Since the original tape belonged to Travis, we're seeing this movie on his recommendation. But since I'm the one who is getting the tickets, I think I usurped responsibility. Which means that I have to make sure to get a good place in line to get good seats. Travis and Kim are avid movie-goers and now I feel responsible for their movie experience. Fortunately, they are lightweights compared to my natural obsessiveness over movie seat-selection and we did rather well in that area.

We had a rather annoying audience (your cell phone has an OFF button: use it. Your baby does NOT have an OFF button: leave it at home) but I don't think that's technically my fault. Overall, I think we had a good time.

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