Monday, September 09, 2002

Men are from Mars, Women are from Jo Ann Fabrics

I picked up some material at the fabric store yesterday. (Yes, the fabric store. Shut up.) I brought my roll of material (or "bolt", as they like to call it) up to the cutting counter. I discovered that women go the fabric store in pairs; there were 3 pairs of women in front of me, so I assumed I was technically fourth in line. Of course, each one of them had their own material to be cut, so I was 7th in line. Whatever.

While waiting, the women chatted about all the things normal people chat about: vacations, kids, jobs. One of them gets up to the front of the line and is asked by the cutting lady "how many yards would you like?" The women then decides it's a good time to ask her friend "so how much material should I get?" "Well how many pillows are you doing?" "Three, but I was thinking of doing some throws too." "Oh, that would look lovely!" Blah blah blah. Like you couldn't have discussed this BEFORE you got to the front of the line? And then the same thing happened with the NEXT pair of women!

Compare this to men going to Home Depot or any hardware store. When men get to the front of the line, they MIGHT grunt out a "hello", but then immediately give the marching orders: "I need fifteen 18-inch dowels and this pipe needs to be 7 3/8" long with a 3/4" thread." Done.

This care-free behavior may explain why women live longer than men, but those extra years are spent waiting in line.

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