Tuesday, August 27, 2002

The $%*#iest Place On Earth

"Disney's California Adventure", the new theme park next to Disneyland, has a Broadway-style show called "Blast". I have not seen it. I was at DCA and one of the workers (or "castmemebers", as they like to be called) is yelling down the street "last call for the 7:15 show of Blast!" We ran to the glass doors, and right as we get up to them, a crazy castmember lady is on the other side of the door frantically trying to lock the door and not let us in. The two castmembers on the outside are trying to tell her "let these people in, they're RIGHT HERE!" but she just ignored them. Then one of the castmembers of The Happiest Place on Earth says "what a bitch!" Wow, they really make you feel like you're in Hollywood!

There are plenty of exciting and even thrilling rides at Disneyland and DCA: Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, and more recently the Maliboomer and California Screamin'. But now matter how much a thrill-seeker you are, I am warning you: stay away from The Damn Teacups. You would not believe how fast 2 grown adults can get that dainty little porcelin replica spinning. This is how bad it was: I didn't realize the ride was over for about 5 seconds AFTER the ride stopped. I can still feel a slight throbbing in my temples.

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