Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Harvesting stem cells from aborted cloned human fetuses: What's the big deal?

CNN.com has an interview with a couple who are planning to have a baby through cloning. I'm all for cloning research, and someday we WILL be cloning babies. I think we are least 10 years before the technology will be advanced enough to safely attempt cloning humans, so this couple is jumping the gun. But I hate seeing newspeople who don't understand the issues try to impose their own views or go for oversensationalizing a story.

The couple, Bill & Kathy, were interviewed by Michael Guillen.

"GUILLEN: Bill and Kathy want a baby so badly, they're going to have one cloned, using her DNA. It means flying in the face of huge public, political, religious and scientific opposition. But they don't care. "

BILL: It's a concern, absolutely.

Right off the bat Guillen is trying to portray the couple as uncaring. I personally don't agree with what they are trying, but they are definitely concerned about the child and public reaction.

GUILLEN: What if she just gets angry at you? Why did you bring me into the world this way, I'm a freak? I'm completely different than any other human being who has ever lived on the face of the earth. Are you prepared that this child could be angry at you for bringing her into the world this way?

Huh? A cloned child will only think they're a freak if people like Guillen call her a freak. Every child at some point in their life hates their parents for bringing them into the world. It's called teenageitis. If anything, this child would have it better off if some ways: Would you rather hear your parents tell you about the laboratory where they did the cloning procedure, or about the sleezy hotel room where they did the nasty in a drunken stupor? And here's the irony: Guillen says that this child will be completely different than any other human being who has ever lived. HELLO? Do you know what a clone IS? It means she's an exact COPY of another human.

Bill & Kathy say that if there are complications during the pregnancy, they will abort and will donate the stem cells for research. I can't wait to hear that interview.

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