Monday, August 05, 2002

Anna Nicole Smith

Oh... dear... God...

I admit it. I like train wrecks. And so do you. So when we heard about this summer's biggest train wreck, The Anna Nicole Show, we all got excited. The engine has been chugging down the tracks all summer long, and it finally slipped off the rails last night. So, was it offensive by talking about sex so much? Did it outrage people by making a mockery of marriage? No my friends, this show is guilty of a far more heinous crime:

It's bad TV.

We all know that everyone on a "reality" TV show knows that they are supposed to play to the camera. (well, everyone except Ozzy, who I don't think even realizes he's on TV.) But the good shows try to edit out all of the "acting" and try to capture people when they let their guard down a bit. That never happens with Anna Nicole. She thinks that because she's gained weight, we'll laugh when we see her raiding the kitchen. She thinks we'll laugh watching her play a vixen. But everything is "look at me! I'm fat and I'm eating! Isn't that funny?!" No, it's just sad.

We are supposed to mock our pseudo-celebrities. But once they try to weasel in on the joke, it just isn't funny anymore.

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