Friday, July 19, 2002

Vanilla Sky

Some spoilers included.

I have wanted to see Vanilla Sky for a while now. Mostly because it looked like a very "New York" movie, and I heard that it was pretty original and had a lot of plot twists. I caught it this week on Pay-Per-View (PPV + TiVo = expensive situation). I heard that the commercials didn't really reflect the movie. Boy, is that an understatement.

Tommy Boy Cruise is disfigured in much of the movie. He also disfigures himself in Minority Report. He wears masks in Mission Impossible. I think he gets some perverse pleasure out of saying "look, I can play ugly people that look like you commoners, but at the end of the day A-HA! I'm still Tom Cruise and you're not!" Anyway, the problem with Vanilla Sky isn't that I didn't understand what was going on, but that I didn't CARE what was going on. Tommy Boy is sleeping with Cameron Diaz. Then Penelope Cruz. But Cameron IS Penelope. But not. Whatever. You'd think with all the Beautiful People involved they could make something entertaining to watch, but it's so overly stylized with a pop-musical score and first-year-film-student editing that the movie just becomes physically tiring.

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