Friday, July 12, 2002

Phlegm Flam

My boss's boss wanted to do a lunch run to this big soda store. We packed up six geeks in 2 cars and headed out. It is a pretty cool place to get lots of strange and unusual flavors of soda, but they were all out of Mountain Dew. Crikey. It looks like they have not changed the floors/shelves/walls in 40 years. Pretty cool. In the back of the store is a good old-fashioned Deli counter. It looked like the perfect place to eat lunch. No processed corporate chain food, just good-as-homemade-as-you-like-it sandwiches. I was very excited about it and enthusiastically suggested we eat there.

I watched in horror as one of my comrades ordered his sandwich. The woman behind the counter was obviously very sick, and couldn't go 10 seconds with giving a big wet slimey sniffle. Every now and then she would do the "scratch the nose with my forearm" move. What should I do? Should I warn the others, who were still busy browsing the soda aisles? Should I try to rescue my comrade who already ordered his sandwich, or just chalk him up as an acceptable loss? Maybe I'm the only the only one who noticed? Is it better to tell the others, or let them eat their lunch in blissful ignorance? But how could they snot notice?! Yet they are still ordering! Is it just me? Maybe I should just order my lunch and hope that not too many boogers fall onto the bread? Even if the meal is mucus-free, would I be able to bring myself to eat it? Should I just go hungry?

Well, I didn't go hungry. Fortunately, I completely lost my appetite and got a cheese sandwich back at the office 2 hours later. As for the four others who ordered, so far they are all alive and well.

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