Monday, July 08, 2002

Men In Bleak

The neuralizer is a device used to erase people's recent memories of alien encounters, so they won't remember anything unusual or disturbing. There must be a audience neuralizer in the in final scene of Men In Black II because as I left the theater I could already feel the movie slipping away from me. This film has less meat than a tofu salad. That's not necessarily a bad thing; the original was hardly Citizen Kane. But at least MIB 1 had a certain new and cool feel to it. The sequel runs purely on autopilot. There a few funny scenes, most notably with the pug, but it's not enough. Lara Flynn Boyle is too busy shooting tenticles out of her fingers up people's noses to ever be a true sci-fi vixen, and Rosario Dawson is simply doing her best Halle Berry impression. My advice? You know you have to see it, so save a few bucks and go see the matinee. When it's over, you'll feel unsatisfied but will still have plenty of time to catch the 7:00 showing of Minority Report the same day.

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